#1 New Year’s resolutions mistake and how to avoid making it

05 Jan 2021 no comments Fitasty Categories Wellbeing
Whether big or small, everyone makes them: New Year’s resolutions is what everyone thinks about on the 1st of January. But we all know it’s not easy to stick to them. Today we’ll look at what makes the New Year’s resolutions so difficult to stick to and how you can actually accomplish your goals this time round!

New Year’s Day may seem like the perfect time to start change. Unfortunately, it really isn’t! In reality, winter is not the easiest month for anyone living in the Northern hemisphere. It is cold outside, the days are short, we have less energy and lower moods. After the festive celebrations a lot of people catch the winter blues. This just makes sticking to the New Year’s resolutions even harder. But not impossible!

Number 1 mistake people make when deciding on their New Year’s resolutions is making them too ambitious. We often want to go all in, give it our 100%, change it all for the better (!). The trouble is, change isn’t easy. It takes time to develop new habits or change our ways. For some it may take longer than for others. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to really think your resolutions through and here are a few things you ought to consider.

  1. Take it step by step: whatever you’re trying to change, whether it’s giving up a habit or introducing something new to your daily or weekly routine, you must be realistic in your goal. Don’t try to jump from no exercise to 2-hours of running every day. Take it a step at a time: aim for 1 workout in the first couple of weeks, then 2 workouts in the next weeks and so on. Or if you’re trying to give something up (e.g. sugary snacks), set a limit per week or per day and then reduce it every week. You’ll see it’s really achievable!
  2. Track your progress: it’s way too easy to forget about the resolutions when you’re trying to manage your daily routine. So find a way of reminding yourself of your resolution and keeping track of your progress: this can be done through a mobile app or just a simple chart done on a piece of paper. Maybe mark your progress on a wall calendar with a big red star whenever you accomplish your goal? This not only will help you to stay focused on your goal/resolution but it will also feel great to see how far you’ve come!
  3. Make your list short – stick to 1 or 2 resolutions: choose what is really important to you at the time. Is it staying fit and exercising or maybe reading more books? Perhaps you want to quit smoking? Choose 1 or 2 resolutions that you think would really make a difference to your life and stick to them. Once you’re happy you accomplished those 2, you can always come up with next goals to tick off your list: you can start any day, it doesn’t have to be New Year’s Day! ?

Bear these tips in mind when you’re coming up with your New Year’s resolutions. And if you’ve already put together a long list on unrealistic goals, don’t worry: you can still change them and set yourself up for success this time! Good luck!

What was your New Year’s resolution for 2021?