The Fitasty Story

Hi there!
We are Victoria and Michael – fitness enthusiasts living in Bristol. We understand that leading a busy lifestyle with work, exercise and social life is not easy. That’s why we decided to help the Bristol folk do all the things they enjoy without the need to worry about the trivialities of shopping and cooking.

Fitasty is the result of our passion for delicious food:
we hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

We are a team of true food-lovers with experience from leading high-end restaurants in Bristol. We know how to prepare the meals that are both delicious and beautifully served. We’re using our knowledge and passion to prepare well-balanced meal plans and ensure with our meals you get the right nutrients to keep you strong and healthy. Together, our Team will work hard to help you achieve your goals – be it losing or gaining weight or just simply staying fit and healthy in your busy lifestyle.


Fitasty provide healthy, fresh, calorie-controlled meals and meal plans for weight loss (or weight gain) within Bristol area.
Fitasty’s mission is to help you make a shift towards more healthy living and eating choices and for those who need it, to help them lose weight in an easy way, without having to sacrifice quality and enjoyable foods.

Fitasty is the first such service in Bristol helping you improve your eating habits every day!

We offer you calorie-controlled meals with weekly changing menus and guarantee:

– all meals are prepared fresh by our chefs on the day of or the day before your delivery
– all meals are calorie-controlled and clearly labelled so that you know exactly what you get
– our meal plans are nutrient-rich and balanced to provide you with healthy levels of protein and key micro-nutrients

All meals arrive fresh and ready-to-eat from the box
so that you can enjoy them at home, in the office or on-the-go!

There’s a range of options available, you can choose the one to match your lifestyle: opt for a combination of meals or a Complete Meal Plan. Vegetarian options are also available for all meals and plans.

With our Complete Meal Plan you get the benefit of a complete hassle-free solution:
a balanced diet plan delivered straight to your door!


Our suppliers work with local producers carefully selecting the best fresh, locally sourced produce, wherever possible. We run extensive quality checks before we even begin to cook – we want to ensure that the meals you get are of the highest standard. We also aim to use seasonal fruits and vegetables to make the best use of what nature’s giving us.


We appreciate life gets busy. With Fitasty you don’t need to worry about shopping, cooking or washing up. You don’t have to eat badly when you get busy. With Fitasty, you get all of your fresh meals ready to eat just when you need them! (This also includes a sweet snack in our Complete Meal Plans for those with a sweet tooth!)


In our world fit means healthy, balanced and happy. Being fit means you can live the life you want to the full and enjoy every minute of it. Improving your eating habits can have a serious influence on your health. Fitasty offer you nutritious well-balanced meals which will give your body the energy boost it needs every day to help you stay strong and healthy.


We care for the planet and the environment. We use bagasse containers and only 100% recyclable plastics (with an aim to become at least 90% plastic-free by the end of the year) and we also have procedures in place in house to minimise waste and recycle everything we can. We only accept orders in advance to ensure we buy the right quantities of food – minimising unnecessary waste. Finally, we are strong advocates of cutting down on meat and dairy so we have introduced the Meat-Free-Mondays throughout the whole range of meal plans. We trust that you support this initiative, too!

5 star food hygiene rating