Dieting during the holidays

22 Dec 2020 no comments Fitasty Categories Eating healthy, Wellbeing
If you’re trying to lose weight or eat better, you may find the festive season difficult as there is plenty of opportunities to indulge and overeat, little time to exercise and certainly not many people want to talk about pacing themselves when it comes to food! It may seem like a nightmare or like the time when all your efforts are about to go down the drain. Don’t panic! Here is a few tips on what to do over the next couple of weeks to stay sane and survive the holidays without remorse. ?

Remember, just as you won’t lose weight overnight, you also won’t gain it all back because of one festive meal. During the festive season focus on being with your family and friends (even if only virtually!), relax and enjoy the festive feeling! We’ll go over a few things you might want to consider and think through before digging in the Christmas meal.

  • You don’t have to restrict yourself from enjoying the foods you like. At the same time, you don’t have to devour crazy amounts of food either! Find balance: try everything you want but rather than having 3 pieces of cake, try to stick to one slice.
  • Are you cooking this year? Why not try a new, healthier recipe for one of your usual dishes? Healthy food can still be delicious (as you know if you’re on one of Fitasty meal plans). Give a good example to those around you and show them how healthy can be tasty, too! Here is some inspiration from BBC’s Good Food Recipes: link.
  • If you prefer to put some restrictions in place for how much you’re going to eat, that is also absolutely fine. Go with an option you feel comfortable with that will let you still enjoy the festivities!
  • If you want to opt for the ‘lesser evil’ and are wondering which festive meals have the least calories, you can find a list of Christmas Dinner dishes with corresponding calories here.

And a couple more tips to help you go through the holidays and feel good:

  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It will help your digestion and it will help you to stop the cravings that are coming from your head (rather than your stomach!).
  • Don’t forget to move: encourage the whole family to go for a walk after a big meal; play with the kids or with the dog between meals; or go for a walk on your own, admire all the beautiful Christmas decorations around (according to the weather forecast we can expect a sunny Christmas this year!).
  • Watch your alcohol intake: alcohol has a lot of calories and it’s easy to forget how much you’ve already had ?

Last but not least: it’s a difficult year and we must remember to observe the restrictions put in place by the Government. Stay safe, follow the rules and recommendations, wash your hands often and avoid meeting people from outside your household. Don’t forget about those members of your family who may be left alone this Christmas, call them and let them know you’re thinking of them.

The entire Fitasty Team wishes you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!