Is healthy living worth it?

18 May 2021 no comments Fitasty Categories Eating healthy, Wellbeing
At the beginning of the year, we set out to achieve great things: we sign up to the gym, stock up on kale and avocado and take on no-drinking or zero-sugar challenges. How long did you last with your New Year’s resolutions this year? As half-year is fast approaching, we’re returning to the importance of the right mindset in achieving the health and wellbeing-related goals.

How much is it really worth?

Price comparison sites are the best. They help you choose the cheapest deal which works for your needs exactly. It’s not that easy with choosing the right food deal. Every time shopping you may be finding yourself struggling to choose between a healthy and an unhealthy option, between a cheaper and a more expensive alternative. So how much is it worth spending on food for the benefits it gives you?

It’s a very individual thing. What you may want to consider when analysing how much it’s worth spending on certain foods is: what is the added value?

For healthy foods the added value is in the short and long-term health benefits, the way you feel in your body every day and how much energy you get to do the things you love. Going to the gym? Well, while it takes time and effort, it also delivers huge benefits: producing a spike in your endorphins levels, improved strength and endurance and better energy management.

When you’re weighing on the options, consider whether you’ve ever said any of these…

  • Healthy grocery shopping – £50 – “Too expensive!”
  • Dinner date out – £50 – “Very reasonable.”
  • 60 minutes at the gym – “I wish I had the time!”
  • 60 minutes watching Netflix – “Let’s binge watch again!”
  • Month’s healthy meal plan – £100 – “I can’t afford it!”
  • Night out drinking – £100 – “Yay, it’s the weekend”

Life is often about choosing your priorities right. Take it a step at a time, choose your priorities wisely to help you get to your goals and remember the 80/20 rule for life – it really makes it all easier!