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Are you looking to eat healthy but can’t find time to cook daily? We understand! Fitasty brings you healthy, balanced, nutritious and freshly-prepared meals throughout the week Monday to Friday. Save time on shopping, cooking and cleaning. Enjoy Fitasty meals at home or on-the-go!

All Fitasty meals are calorie-controlled. In this option, breakfast comes with 360kcal and dinner with 600 kcal (total of 960 kcal per day).

Breakfast and dinner ready-to-eat calorie-controlled meals will be delivered to you daily in the evening or morning (choose upon check-out).

Order by Friday for next week’s daily deliveries.

The vegetarian option may include meals containing eggs and dairy products. Please see the ‘menus’ tab for this and next week’s options.

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1 Day, 1 Week Supply, 4 Weeks Supply


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