Still looking for the Christmas gift ideas?

15 Dec 2020 no comments Fitasty Categories Recipes
Even when the internet is filled with adverts for new technology, cosmetics, clothes and all you can think of, sometimes there just isn’t anywhere that just works. We come to the rescue with ideas for gifts you can still get ready in time for Christmas and which show care and affection.

What says more about your love or care than gifts which are either hand-made or give them something yummy? Here are some ideas you might find useful!

  1. A hand-made Christmas decoration

Difficulty: easy
Time required: 15 minutes

There are two ways to go about this. You can create a beautiful Christmas decoration from paper (like this one) it looks very effective and is simple to make! Try different paper colours and make something truly unique!

  1. An edible Christmas decoration

Difficulty: medium
Time required: 2 hours

This one is a bit more tricky as it requires a bit more engagement. However, again, it’s really a beautiful and impressive gift, anyone would appreciate the time and effort you’d put in. So why not make this for a few people? Here’s the idea: you start by baking Christmas cookies. Follow your favourite recipe or use one of the internet (like this one). You need to buy star-shaped cookie cutters in different sizes. Cut out an even amount of cookies from each size. Then, using a long skewer, build them into a Christmas tree shape (see the picture). Decorate as you like, wrap delicately in cellophane wrap and it will be a beautiful hand-made, delicious gift!

  1. A hand-made healthy snack

Difficulty: easy
Time required: 15 minutes

This is a bit less Christmassy but you can try a variation with Christmas spice to make it more Christmassy: it’s another edible gift but this one inspiring to eat more healthy sweets. Have you heard of energy balls or energy bites? These are simple, no-bake, delicious snacks which can be turned into very beautiful little truffles.

You can find many recipes online, but here’s our favourite:

 Apricots and nuts energy bites recipe

  • 1 cup of almonds
  • ½ cup of cashew nuts
  • ½ cup of dried apricots (soaked for 15 minutes in warm water, then drained)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla paste
  • ½ teaspoon lemon zest
  • Pinch of salt
  • Ground almonds, coconut flakes, cocoa or icing sugar for coating

It’s simple! Mix it all (except for the coating) in a blender. Form round little balls, the size of walnut (use wet hands if the dough is too sticky), then coat them in whatever you chose: ground almonds, coconut flakes, icing sugar, cocoa. Maybe mix and match?

Put these in a pretty box or simply wrap them in baking paper and add a colourful ribbon and you’re all set!

  1. A Fitasty Gift Card

Difficulty: super easy
Time required: 2 minutes

What better gift than the gift of free time and no washing up AND healthy, delicious food delivered straight to the door? If you want to make their life easier, you can get your friends living in Bristol a Fitasty gift card which can be redeemed against any meal plan option on our website with just a few simple clicks. ?

I hope this was useful! Let me know if you’ve used any of these ideas!