There’s a reason why your tummy looks this way!

20 Apr 2021 no comments Fitasty Categories Weight management, Wellbeing
Do you feel like no matter how much you exercise and how many sit-ups you do, your tummy is never flat? Let’s explore this topic and find out the reasons for that.
We see people on tv, in magazines and on Instagram who seem to have perfectly flat tummies with visible muscle… How do they do it? Why can’t I get my tummy to look this way, too?

There’s a whole range of factors which impact what your stomach may look like at any particular time:

  • Time of day: your tummy will most likely be most flat in the morning – that’s because it’s pretty empty before breakfast and there are no gases accumulated inside.
  • Your diet: what you eat translated to how much gas your stomach and intestines will produce. Some foods may cause bloating – that is a completely normal reaction in most cases. If you experience excessive bloating, speak to your doctor.
  • Water intake: if you don’t drink enough water, you may feel like you’re gaining weight which is actually your body accumulating water. Try to drink as minimum 1.8litres per day (preferably water, but coffee and tea also count towards this).
  • Your overall health and stress levels: apart from illnesses, stress can also cause various unusual reactions in your body, including ‘expanded’ belly.
  • (for women) your monthly cycle: as you go through the monthly cycle you may experience excessive water accumulation in your body and that may impact on what your tummy looks like on certain days.
  • Your posture: standing up straight will help pull your tummy in.
  • Your breath: quite literally, on exhaling your belly will look smaller.

This may be a hard truth to accept: your stomach can’t always be flat. It will only occasionally be flat.

The images we see on tv and in social media are posed, not relaxed, they don’t show what people look like in their day to day life. The way our tummies look throughout the day and the month changes. There are things we can do to impact how much they change but it’s impossible for your stomach to always be completely flat. Once you accept that, you can learn to love your tummy the way it is and think about ways to help it look better if you want to (be it through exercise or diet).

We are all human, we can’t be perfect so let’s simply love our bodies and do what we can to stay healthy and happy! 🙂